BalloonArt by Sue Bowler CBA


tel. 07921 824152



Sue first discovered her passion for balloons in 1990, and hasn't looked back since!


Starting with a small, home-based balloon delivery and decorating business, she quickly developed her skills and knowledge as a balloon artist. She took her career to a new level when she earned her Certified Balloon Artist (CBA) designation, and began attending industry events, such as the International Balloon Arts Convention (IBAC), and participating in various competitions.


Today, Sue works as a freelance industry educator for Pioneer Balloon Company, sharing her knowledge and design skills with balloon artists around the world. Sue also continues her passion as a freelance balloon artist and is happy to design and create decor for all events big or small!


Sue's variety of skills are extensive, her work ranges from large decor to elegant wedding and centerpieces to mini balloons sculptures. Many of her designs have become great profit makers for balloon businesses around the world. At the World Balloon Convention in Dallas 2010 , Sue received the first Golden Light Award in honor of Linda Bruce.

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