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Balloon Decor 2

Extra Bits!


If you are viewing this page then I am hoping that you have now received my new DVD - otherwise none of this will make too much sense! To access the 'Extra Bits' please use the email address located inside the DVD case. Unfortunately, I over-ran when filming so I did not manage to leave enough space on the disc for all the additional stuff that I wanted to add to the DVD.


So what is in extra bits?

  • Useful links.

  • Design Images.

  • Material Lists for each design.

  • Equipment and Accessories used.

  • Sizing Guides for each design.



I hope that you enjoy and learn from my DVD. These designs are some of my favourites and I have very much enjoyed designing and perfecting them over the years!


All the balloons used in my design are of course the Very Best Balloons - Qualatex!


Happy Ballooning!


Sue x