BalloonArt by Sue Bowler CBA


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Whether a beginner or a seasoned professional, Sue will help you to build your skills and techniques to create her inspiring range of beautiful balloon gift designs that are suitable for many occasions. Learn step-by-step simple twisting techniques, how to add detail including faces and hair, a little balloon distortion, a few fantasy flowers, and how to incorporate beautiful accent elements such as bows and hand-made ribbons… and much much more!
Balloon Decor 2 Celebration Designs
Learn how to make some of Colin's go to designs using the awesome Quick Link balloons.
To celebrate Alberto's 10 years as a balloon instructor, he decided to bring together the different techniques that he has taught around the world and demonstrate them for you in a series of educational DVD's.
Sissy Star System - Alberto Falcone CBA
Little Things - Colin Myles
Little Things - Colin Myles CBA
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