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Balloon Art by Sue Bowler cba


tel. 07841 751273


4 m Pearl Silver (not shiny) Star Garland (7cm) - £1.50 per Garland plus P&P
4 m Wedding Star Garland
Whether a beginner or a seasoned professional, Sue will help you to build your skills and techniques to create her inspiring range of beautiful balloon gift designs that are suitable for many occasions. Learn step-by-step simple twisting techniques, how to add detail including faces and hair, a little balloon distortion, a few fantasy flowers, and how to incorporate beautiful accent elements such as bows and hand-made ribbons… and much much more!
Balloon Decor 2 Celebration Designs
Whether you are a twister who wants to decorate or a decorator who wants to twist, this DVD is for you! These Crossover designs can be added to your menu of twisted offerings at parties or make a great centrepiece your customers will love. On this DVD you will learn how to make an elephant, a pig, a red monster and fun little fruit basket.
Deco-Twisted Deliverables featuring New & Exciting designs, as well as a few of Robbie's tried and tested and true classics. The phobe rings... your customer would like a gift delivered to a friend to celebrate a specail occasion, not just any gift, but something unique and different! This DVD includes: Ballowers: when balloons and flowers come together you get... Ballowers:  A twist on the classic concept of sending flowers. Bearoons: This versatile piece is great for many occasions. Turns balloons into cute little teddy bears. Bubby Basket: Great for Easter! Stoork: The ultimate gift for one of the most specail moments in a persons life... the birth of a child.
On this DVD you will learn to make these Deco-Twisted Lootles:
Deco-Twisting Floating Centrepieces by Robbie Furman.
Learn how to make some of Colin's go to designs using the awesome Quick Link balloons.
Throughout history, columns have been used as one of the most expressive ways through which humans can dsiplay their skills.
646Q Columns stand alone designs.
AS the saying goes, 'A smile can make your day'! On this DVD Alberto Falcone, CBA shows you how a smile can also cahnge your business.
Smiling for Serious Businesses
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