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Sissy Star System - Alberto Falcone CBA


To celebrate Alberto's 10 years as a balloon instructor, he decided to bring together the different techniques that he has taught around the world and demonstrate them for you in a series of educational DVD's.

Alberto Falcone CBA

Sissy Star System - Once Upon A Star

Once upon a time, a beautiful young girl transformed a 260Q into a magical star, and on this DVD you can discover the amazing results you can get by using the magic of this star.

Using a complete range of tubular balloons (160Q, 260Q, 350Q, 646Q). Alberto shows you how to make not only simple designs like a flower or cake, but also complex compositions, such as an amazing shell or expressive faces.

This technique will help develop your skills and creativity in many ways - just like in a magic tale...

Running Time: 122 Minutes