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Balloon Art by Sue Bowler cba


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Twisticology 5 - Deco Twisted Deliverables by Robbie Furman


Deco-Twisted Deliverables featuring New & Exciting designs, as well as a few of Robbie's tried and tested and true classics. The phobe rings... your customer would like a gift delivered to a friend to celebrate a specail occasion, not just any gift, but something unique and different! This DVD includes: Ballowers: when balloons and flowers come together you get... Ballowers:  A twist on the classic concept of sending flowers. Bearoons: This versatile piece is great for many occasions. Turns balloons into cute little teddy bears. Bubby Basket: Great for Easter! Stoork: The ultimate gift for one of the most specail moments in a persons life... the birth of a child.