BAPIA is the UK based Balloon And Party Industry Alliance, an independent trade organisation working like a trade association to achieve a number of goals for BAPIA members but also working on behalf of the industry as a whole. Those goals include:

  • Increase public awareness of the balloon and party industry 

  • Promote industry professionals and the benefits of using them

  • Fighting negative campaigns 

  • Promoting the positive benefits of our industry

  • Updates on industry issues

  • Bringing additional benefits to our members

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It is BAPIA’s mission to support our industry and the professionals within it by promoting a best practices policy to create positive and sustainable growth. The BAPIA team has a vested interest in seeing each of its members succeed. This is why we continue, every day, to look for new resources and benefits that will help your business grow! Current benefits of BAPIA membership include:



Still have questions about BAPIA membership? For more details contact John Bowler